Sustainability Strategy and B Corp Consultancy

Sustainability Strategy and B Corp Consultancy

‘It isn’t a penalty or a disadvantage to be a good, ethical, regenerative business. It’s a joy.

It unleashes our creativity, results in all kinds of positive engagement from our stakeholders and wider community.’
– Kresse Wesling MBE, Co-Founder Elis & Kresse

Sustainable Business Strategy

Thanks to John Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line framework*, businesses have started to shift from delivering value only for their shareholders to creating value for ALL their stakeholders – including employees, customers, suppliers, local community and the natural world.

Purpose-driven business are discovering that you can do well financially while also doing good in the world. You can learn more about the business case for sustainability here

We help businesses take an objective look at their current operations, highlighting the gaps between where they are now and where they want to be. Working together on a roadmap for improvements, we can help define your sustainability strategy and embed high-impact practices across your business. We can help you manage risks and seize the opportunities this decade presents. 

B Corp Consultancy

There has never been a greater need for the business community to step up and play a role in saving the planet and building a just and inclusive society. And the businesses leading this charge are coming together under the B Corp banner. These are companies that ‘meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose’

We help business wanting to become B Corp certified complete their B Impact Assessment and can help provide guidance on how to continually improve your performance annually. You can learn more about B Corps here. 

With $12 trillion of market opportunities around the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, there’s never been a better time to align your business practices with your values.

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*Elkington recently recalled the concept stating that it was never meant to be just an accounting framework but the basis upon which we could ‘work toward a triple helix for value creation, a genetic code for tomorrow’s capitalism, spurring the regeneration of our economies, societies, and biosphere.’ We highly recommend his book Green Swans for more on the evolution of this concept.