The new role for businesses in the 2020s

Moving from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism requires more than just talk…

3 COVID lessons we can apply to the climate crisis

When the causes of the crises facing us today are intertwined, the solutions have to be as well…

A better way to pay and be paid

Fintech entrepreneur David Brown is reimagining payroll for companies and employees alike

Fixing the broken food system – as easy as ABCDE

Duncan Williamson sees a key opportunity to redesign our food systems to work for people,…

Would you pay more for sustainable fashion?

A recent survey showed that while people are willing to pay a premium for sustainably made fashion, that premium isn’t much…

Making our food systems more resilient

A new report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation highlights two attractive circular investment opportunities in the food industry

Building resilience into your business

We’ve heard that ‘businesses that do good are more likely to do well’. Is this true and why would it be so?

‘The protein transition has gone mainstream’

FAIIR’s Appetite for Disruption report calls 2020 a watershed in the shift from animal proteins to plant-based and new protein sources

Rebooting our economic operating system

The majority of the UK public would favour brands that are doing good in the world

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